Analog Circuit Design

Analog electronics circuit gives the full idea of the circuits comprising of transistors and others

Basic Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a branch that usually deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism

Circuit Analysis with Matlab Application

The book begins with an explanation of basic concepts and definitions, followed by a discussion of circuit analysis with nodal, mesh, and loop equations

CMOS VLSI design

This books gives the full idea with a circuit and systems perspective written by Neil H.E Weste and David Money Harris and is the fourth edition of this book

Digital Logic Design

This books give the compete description and knowledge about the digital logic and its implementation and design

Digital Signal Processing

This book by C.Ramesh Babu Durai gives the complete knowledge about digital signal processing and is the most preferred book by the teachers

Electromagnetic Field Theory

The book with fully equipped derivations and written by Bo Thide is refereed by most of the teachers for the subject.

Fibre Optics Communication

This is third edition of the book by Govind P Agarawal gives the full knowledge of the world of Fiber Optics with solved questions.

Introduction to Digital Electronics

Digital electronics deals with the electronic manipulation of numbers, or with the manipulation of varying quantities by means of numbers

Introduction to RADAR system

This book is by Merill I. skolnik is the second edition of the book. Gives the complete knowledge about the RADAR system

Microwave Engineering

Written by David M. Pozar. This is the fourth edition of the contains fully detailed review of the topics and is Recommended by the teachers of various universities.

Signals and Systems

One of the most splendid book edited by Richard Baraniuk is the fully equipped book for signals and systems.

The 8051 Microcontroller

This book is written by Kenneth J. Ayala. For full knowledge on microcontroller based applications and programs its the most preferred book.

Verilog HDL

This book is the second edition by Samir Palnitkar is the most referred book by the universities across India for programming as well as practical implementation of verilog and HDL language